Investment Property Management Tips

Investing in real estate can be an excellent long term source of funds, for those who have the skills to do it right. When first confronted with the idea, many may feel deterred specifically because of the long term aspect. They might not relish the concept of being a landlord, being contacted for maintenance problems, dealing with collecting rent, and other issues that can arise.

  • However, there are several ways an investor can avoid these problems. Being prepared with the right knowledge can make managing investment property both easier and more profitable than one might imagine. Here are just a few tips for success in the world of property management.
  • Once you’ve purchased the property, it’s time to put some tenants in it. It is always a good idea to thoroughly screen potential tenants. This helps make sure that they are both financially able to make payments and that they have a reliable tenant history.
  • First, get off on the right foot by purchasing newer property. It can be easy to feel tempted by a deal, but older, cheaper homes come with problems that will only cost time and money in the future. A new home with all new systems will suffer far less repair costs than an older home with electrical issues and galvanized plumbing.
  • There is nothing wrong with rejecting several applicants before finding the best fit. When it comes to rent payments, it is often wise to use bank deposits. This allows for quicker payment and eliminates the “check is in the mail” excuses. Since this can be done online, it is now easier than ever to receive your investment property payments right away.
  • Another smart move is to purchase a home warranty policy, wherein the client pays a company to cover all major system repairs, leaving only a small service charge to be paid. Including a repair deductible in the lease is a good way to ensure that your tenants are directly invested in the maintenance of their new living space. This condition states that a certain amount of the first repairs must be covered by the tenants. This will help prevent them from contacting you right away for every little thing that goes wrong.

All of these tips and more can be found with just a bit of research. In this kind of situation, knowledge is your best form of preparation, especially when getting involved with investment property. Now you can avoid all the pitfalls that might have driven you away before, and become the successful property manager you were meant to be.